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Would you Hire Him?

Ties Required Plus was built to provide you with several keys that will guide you to successfully obtaining employment. We identify some of the simple problems that cause people to be overlooked, by addressing the basic needs and expectations of those who wish to be employed, and those who wish to hire. 

Are you Suspect?

The bottom line is that what we wear, and how we speak can display a positive or negative impression when among others.  Most street criminals dress in similar fashion, which is constantly portrayed in a negative context on TV. 

Whats wrong with saggy pants?

There are a couple of reasons for as to why saggy pants, have a negative impact on first impressions. One primary reason is its association with the  criminal world. Most robbery crimes committed are by those who dress in this manner. Television always shows the villain or gangster in these ominous clothing and saggy pants. Lastly the origins of the saggy pants: originally the saggy pants were used to identify who was available to be someone's sexual availability in prison. 

What's Wrong with what I'm Wearing

What's the real reason no one will hire you?

The REAL reason you weren't hired.

What can I do to get a job if no one will Hire me?

How I say something will make or break my first impression

Just like introduction to an attractive person, what we say is crucial to the outcome of the new interaction. Will you be perceived as someone that is welcomed or outcast due to prejudice mindsets.

Ties Required Plus will show you what to know when talking with potential employers

How we use our hands when we speak can build rapport

When we speak the proper use of our hands to emphasize our thought can show confidence and strong communication skills. What is the mindset behind this? let's look further into this use of hand gestures.

How does the way I talk affect My Chance of employment?


Breaking thru Prejudice & Stereotyping

Before we can break the cycle of stereotyping, we must look at ourselves and realize our own prejudice. Understanding the idea that how we look at people who dress up, are "sell outs" or "wanna be's". We may have other names we might call others, but is this not a type of prejudice. "Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes" - Atticus Finch (character in "to kill a mockingbird"). Why is this important to getting a job? 

Stopped for the way he was dressed, mistaken for someone else. Some attire can be associated with a criminal element, due to the use of Media and Television. 

What it means to be Suspect is that how we dress can mistake us for a criminal element. More and more news is shown with our children being gunned gown by police or gang members. A majority of the time these victims are innocent, well mannered young men and women. When diving into the details, the common thread is, he was mistaken for a suspect that was involved with a crime or, the unfortunate mistaken gang colors which could be shown as aggression. It's a sad time where a choice of colors we wear could threaten our lives. What we wear, how we wear our clothes, speaks volumes on our character, whether we know it or not.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is your image worth?"

Dress Right

for the right occasion

Knowing what the right attire to wear for different events can lead build a bridge from the people around to your true self. Without compromising your style and personality, as long as you are willing to step outside your comfort zone.  What would you do to leave a great first impression? 

First Impressions

can make or break your chances

Unfortunately, in our day an age self expression can also be  judged in a negative way without any bearing as to who you are. Due to television and the news, people who dress in a certain are always portrayed as a violent or criminal person.  Due to this, most people have a negative reaction to some types of clothing and how it's worn.

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