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About Me

Michael Williams

Founder of Ties Required Plus

Michael 'Beau' Williams, Houston author and speaker, are taking first impressions to the next level for underserved youth, and students in the Houston area.


Michael has authored 3 books, How To Win in the Game of Dress for Success, Would You Hire Me? And If You Want a Job done Right, Hire a Woman. He has also, produced a DVD titled How to Tie a Tie, (five knots in 15 minutes).


He has over 25 years in the retail men's clothing industry where he has served many men in suiting up for the interview. He has done dress for success presentation to local nonprofits serving men and women in public schools, and community groups, etc. 

Speaker/Dress for Success for students



How to Win in the Game of Dress for Success

Would You Hire Me?


and Producer of video

How to Tie a Tie...5 Knots in 15 Minutes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is your image worth?

Micheal 'Beau' Williams

Would you Like To know more?

Coming Soon We'll Be Offering these 3 titles in our new EBook Sections. 

  • How To Win in the Game of Dress for Success!

  •  Would You Hire Me? 

  • If You Want a Job done Right, Hire a Woman.

Years of Insight in sales management experience, explains the importance of first impressions, and success. Thru these simple changes, can not only boost your ability to convey yourself appropriately during a job interview, but teach you the importance of planting a seed for hire.

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