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The best way to break 

barriers in Business & Life

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dress for success

Here's what we offer:

Dressing For Success 101- A beginner’s guide to dressing for success. Developed for young men and women that are just entering or are new to the work force. We will customize according to your time allowance.

Would you Hire Me?

Don’t apply for a job without looking here first!

My fun-filled, energetic and informative presentation includes the following:

✓    Tips on how to make a GREAT first impression
✓    Tips on how to create a style that is uniquely you
✓    Proper grooming/hygiene
✓    Tips that will guide you to successfully obtaining employment

Are you a SUSPECT or a PROSPECT?

The way we dress can be like camouflage, blending us into the environment. Some of those styles may be popular among peers, but will they set us apart in the business world?  When wearing clothes, we don’t want to look like the “average Joe” and especially not the “average criminal”.  That’s NOT the environment we want to blend into. Don’t be mistaken for a SUSPECT. Don’t match the description.  

When someone looks at you, be the positive stand-out.  Be the one that makes a GREAT first impression!  Learn to distinguish yourself from the others. Your dress, your smile, your handshake, your application protocols make the difference. Make a positive impact.

Want to know more?

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Be a PROSPECT for a successful interview and landing that rewarding job!


“What you say and how you say it…could mean instant death in an interview.”

Want to learn more about Dressing for Success…In ALL aspects of life?


Ties Required Plus also offers complete styling guidance for the gentleman that wants to enhance his look.

Ties Required Plus also offers complete styling guidance for the gentleman that wants to enhance his look.

Dressing for Success Next Level- This multi-session workshop can be equated to having your own personal stylist!  Specifically developed to help take a man’s dress to new heights! You can expect the following:

  • A better understanding of the “mentality” of shopping for men and how it affects your style

  • A fabric overview-- Recognizing the properties of the primary fabrics like wool, cotton, silk, rayon and polyester

  • Different levels of corporate casual and what it means for attire in the business setting


Other Next Level topics…

✓  What our shoes say about us—What to look for and how to compare when shopping

✓  What to wear during interviews, weddings, business parties and social events

✓  Crucial fundamentals of fit and alterations. How to be stylish AND comfortable without any 

    restrictions, binding or sagging.

✓  Maintaining your look and your investment—How dry cleaning may save you time and money!

✓  Finding a suit that is properly fitted to you.  What to look for in quality or in savings. There

    are pros and cons to choosing “less expensive” or “brand”

We will help you find what’s best for you, by educating on what to look for in a quality suit. 

Male Wedding Accessories

Don’t Sacrifice Your Self-Expression


Learning the basics of casual wear to corporate wear to formal wear—can greatly improve your understanding of how to dress for any occasion, while maintaining you own personal style!  Understanding proper fit lines, posture and good interpersonal skills will only improve your interactions with others.

First Impressions Count!

Learn Professional Etiquette!

A Business Casual Look For You!

By the end our sessions, you will have a complete understanding of what to wear, when it’s appropriate and not appropriate to wear it. Sometimes it can be as simple as wearing a belt.  Your self-expression can still be unique and stylish! Dressing For Success Next Level shares tips that help break barriers between you and your next employer!

Lets Talk Interviews

Try not to use slang or regional dialect when interviewing. The use of slang or the tone of the words may be misinterpreted as meaning something else. For example, not everyone knows the terms “ill” or “lit” are viewed as being positive in some settings. Even though, you may be describing the fact that you have outstanding skills in a certain area, “ill” and “lit” may be perceived as being negative or lacking.

proper language & Hand G
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