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What to expect

  • A break down of the mentality of shopping for men, and how it affects our style. 

  • Next we will dive into fabric a small overview of the properties of the primary fabrics like, wool, cotton, silk, rayon, and polyester.

  • After we have a basic understanding of fabric we will talk a bit about tuxedos. This will give you an answer to questions like should you buy or rent, or when should you wear one. 

  • Next we will discuss the different levels of corporate casual and what this means for attire in a business setting.

  • Footwear will be the next subject to be discussed which will  review the right shoe for the occasion and comfort, size and fit.

  • after learning about what our shoes say about us to others, we will talk shops? What to Look for and how to compare.

  • We will discuss what we may consider wearing during interviews, weddings, business parties, and social events.

  • Crucial fundamentals of fit and alterations. This can help sharpen and move comfortably without any restrictions, binding, or sagging.

  • Though this step may be a bit tedious, but any investment is worth maintaining, so we will cover cleaning, and how dry cleaning may save you time and money.

  • And finally Making a suit that is properly fitted to you, and what to look for in quality, or in savings. There are pros and cons to picking cheaper over brand, we will help you find what's best for you, by educating what to look for in a suit.


Don't Sacrifice yourself expression

Learning the basics of formal wear to corporate wear to casual wear can greatly improve your understanding how to dress for the occasion. This does not mean you have to dress in the same clothing as the next guy. Understanding proper fit lines, posture, and how to engage with different types of people will only improve one's QUALITY of Life.

What you say and How you  say it may be instant Death in a interview

First Impressions count!

Learn Professional Etiquette

Business Casual Look For You

By the end our skill set you will have a complete understanding of what to wear and how it is appropriate and what makes it  not appropriate to wear. Sometimes it's as simple as wearing a belt. Yourself expression will still be unique and stylish, yet now you will have tools that break barriers between a employer and you!

Lets Talk Interviews

Proper dialect and use of hand Gestures

Why is it important not to talk in this manner?

The use of slang may be misinterpreted as something else, due to the tone of the words.  Not everyone knows the term "ill or kill" is a positive term when boasting about one's personal skill sets.

Women To can Dress for success

ties required plus hire women to do the

This section provides you with several keys that will guide you to successfully obtaining employment.

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Are You Suspect or Prospect?

Want to know more?

White Tie Tiesrequiredplus_edited.png

What does it mean to be suspect? 

 The way we dress can be like camouflage, blending us into the environment. And Certain styles or how we wear our cloths may be popular among our peers, also have a negative effect as well. Many of the criminals wear their clothes in this fashion, and due the similarities of their cloths to that style of clothing and look, may blend them into their environment, and an unknowing stand up person gets taken as SUSPECT due to him matching a description.

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